Grey Zone

Grey Zone is an assembly of objects and images that together form a dispersed archive/museum. It is part art, part history and science. The starting point for this project was my vision of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster, and its ties to my childhood. I began with a group of sculptures made from modified household items, utilizing materials that are specific to nuclear emergencies and human health. Consciously built on second-hand memories, they were meant to explore the accident as a historical event, a cultural construct and a personal experience. 

Today, the Zone is expanded. As the peaceful atom is once again getting our attention, I am interested in investigating the presence/absence of the artist in this reinvigorated and complex nuclear debate. How can an artist respond in the age of highly visible disasters (and should they at all)?  This is the subject of a series of paintings that I have recently begun, which deals with the media coverage of the Fukushima disaster. It is also the theme of an ongoing group of photographs which appropriate the imagery of disaster-zone tourism, but are actually shot in an unspecified “zone” very close to home. Exhibited along with sculptures, posters and an archive of books/articles, these photographs and paintings make up the mixed-media installation that is Grey Zone

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